Verboticism: Crockefeller

'I am deeply saddened by my master's departure...'

DEFINITION: n., An animal, usually a much loved pet, whose dead and departed owner has bequeathed a huge sum of money solely for its comfort and care. v. To leave part or all of an estate to a pet animal.

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Created by: hyperborean

Pronunciation: CROCK uh fell er

Sentence: His inheritance insured he would not have to live out his final years like a common Lauderdale canaligator, but like the true Palm Beach crockefeller that he was.

Etymology: crocodile: large tropical aquatic reptile + Rockefeller: famous American family known for their wealth

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Comments: Crockefeller

DrWebsterIII - 2012-10-25: 16:00:00
love the animal class & geographical distinction