Verboticism: Queuecumber

'But I was here first!'

DEFINITION: n. The feelings that well up inside of you when you're waiting for service and another person, who arrived after you did, gets waited first! v. To wait and wait in line, only to watch other people jump the queue.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: kew kum ber

Sentence: George was a right queuecumber. He'd line up every day for the commuter train and sure enough, some selfish person would muscle past him at the last minute and get on before him, usually taking his favourite seat. One day, that guy got on George's last nerve. He shoved him under the tracks as the train was pulling out. George had a one-track mind and the pushy guy is now a choocumber.

Etymology: Queue (line up of people) & Encumber (hold back)

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