Verboticism: Leapflog

'But I was here first!'

DEFINITION: n. The feelings that well up inside of you when you're waiting for service and another person, who arrived after you did, gets waited first! v. To wait and wait in line, only to watch other people jump the queue.

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: lēpflôg

Sentence: Anne was told that the customer is always right. Sometimes she knew better. One morning when the other cashier was caught up in traffic the queue to her register was especially long. As she started to ring up a child’s purchase a woman rushed up to the counter to ask for a price check. Once given the price she announced ”That’s fine, I’ll take it”. Anne snapped. She decided to leapflog this inconsiderate customer. In a strong clear voice she asked the rest of people in line if they minded this woman butting in line. The resulting furor sent the woman scurrying without buying anything. The cheer Anne received made up for more than a few bad days.

Etymology: leapfrog (a game in which players in turn vault with parted legs over the backs of others who are bending down) + flog (beat someone with a whip or stick as punishment or torture)

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