Verboticism: Paramooer

'Check your lipstick Madge'

DEFINITION: n. A person who habitually looks for love in the all the wrong places and wonders why it always turns out wrong. v. To look for love in the wrong places.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: para moo er

Sentence: Elsie was just in the mooed to find a new paramooer. So she went with her bff, Bessie to a meat know the kind of place we mean. Where the goods were well hung, the cowcktails affordabull and there was poll dancing. Their only prospects were a couple of shorthorns who were both Taurus and could be herd from far away. As usual the girls struck out, because the rodeo was in town and the beefcake drank elsewhere.

Etymology: Paramour (a woman's lover;a woman who cohabits with an important man) & Mooer (a cow, who moos)

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Comments: Paramooer

galwaywegian - 2010-08-25: 04:28:00

Nosila - 2010-08-26: 23:48:00
I am glad it mooved you!