Verboticism: Blisseltoe

'Guess what I'm giving you for your birthday?'

DEFINITION: v. To wear special uniforms and carry around unusual props in order to stimulate social interaction. n. A person who compensates for their lack of personality and weak social skills by resorting to props and costumes.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: bliss el toe

Sentence: It never got old. Every Christmas, whether at work, a party or social function,heck even while Christmas shopping, Ronnie donned his blisseltoe. He was famous for it. People that had never seen it thought it funny and those who had seen it a hundred times were reminded it was funny. You guessed it...Ronnie hung a big sprig of mistletoe on his belt buckle. It was in the hopes that some girl would kiss him under the mistletoe. As he always said, it's worth it if it even happens once!

Etymology: Bliss (a state of extreme happiness) & Misletoe (Old World parasitic shrub having branching greenish stems with leathery leaves and waxy white glutinous berries; the traditional mistletoe of Christmas)

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Comments: Blisseltoe

artr - 2010-05-04: 12:15:00
I certainly hope I don\'t run into Ronnie!

Nosila - 2010-05-04: 22:12:00
Luckily for you, he's my brother-n-law in reality, not can pick your nose but not your relatives!