Verboticism: Thinkhole

'I wish I knew what I'm thinking?'

DEFINITION: n. A lost thought; v. To become distracted and lose track of what you were thinking.

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Created by: mweinmann

Pronunciation: think - ho - el

Sentence: In trying to remember what she meant to tell her husband, Marnie encountered a thinkhole. She could not retrieve the thoughts that had been preoccupying her for the last day and a half. She felt like her mind was wandering the desert.

Etymology: think, sink, sinkhole

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Comments: Thinkhole

whipspeak - 2009-12-04: 08:07:00
I must thay, that's a thuper word!

artr - 2009-12-06: 06:53:00
Love it! You got my vote!