Verboticism: Procedo

'How did you get your boyfriend to stop scratching his nuts?'

DEFINITION: v. To prevent someone from participating in an undesired activity by engaging them in another activity which makes it impossible to do the first. n. Two things cannot be done at the same time.

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Created by: splendiction

Pronunciation: prow SEE due

Sentence: Sam’s parents accomplished the amazing! He made his bed, vacuumed the downstairs, took out the garbage - all before breakfast! The procedo was that he couldn’t eat until his chores were done.

Etymology: From PROCEDURE and DO - to do a set activity before another activity.

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Comments: Procedo

Nosila - 2009-07-02: 13:20:00
A perfect placebo

splendiction - 2009-07-04: 21:23:00
- of course I would never give out a real procedo like this!