Verboticism: Discomjobulated

'Do you think I should stick to the plan?'

DEFINITION: v. To stick to your plan even though you've realized it's dumb. n. A stupid plan, especially if it's a career plan suggested by parents, teachers or guidance counselors who want you to be something that you're not.

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Created by: mweinmann

Pronunciation: dis - com - job - you - lay - ted

Sentence: Joy did not want to be a comedian. When she was up on stage she felt all discomjobulated. Everyone else thought she was funny and wanted her to continue entertaining but she did not find any of this enjoyable. In fact, the more she made people laugh, the more she felt like crying.

Etymology: discombobulated (confused, embarrassed, Upset; broken, mixed up), job

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Comments: Discomjobulated

mrskellyscl - 2009-06-08: 08:00:00
So, would her anxiety be considered discomjobrelated?

mweinmann - 2009-06-08: 11:34:00

hyperborean - 2009-06-08: 21:35:00
Your sentence made me laugh out loud! Love it!

DrWebsterIII - 2009-06-08: 23:13:00
love the the word and the sentence made me pee in my pants