Verboticism: Curtesty

'Hello? Hello? Is this customer service?'

DEFINITION: v. To greet a person on the phone in rude or obnoxious manner, and then do your best to ignore, or talk over, whatever they say as the conversation continues. n. A person with atrocious phone manners.

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Created by: mrskellyscl

Pronunciation: ker-testee

Sentence: Sue made a curtesty call to her boyfriend. After ranting for five minutes using all the potty words she knew, she realized that she had accidentaly punched in the wrong speed dial number and had been screaming at her grandmother.

Etymology: (wordplay on courtesy call) curt: rude or abrupt in speech or manner+ testy: irritable, grumpy, petulant

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Comments: Curtesty

DrWebsterIII - 2009-06-02: 23:27:00
LOVE IT I can relate especially the accidental speed dial part

mweinmann - 2009-06-03: 07:22:00
great word.