Verboticism: Crosstumed

'I can't breathe with this tie on!'

DEFINITION: n. A fashion accessory or style of dress which purports to improve one's appearance and attitude, but actually does the opposite. v. To follow a fashion dictum in an effort to improve your social standing even when it causes physical discomfort.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: kross toomd

Sentence: Ned & Nancy lived together and worked in the same office. Ned worked for Ida and Nancy worked for Bruce. Every month there were new contests and events designed to increase employee morale and engage the workers. Today was "Dress Like The Boss" Day, so Nancy had crosstumed herself in a suit and tie and Ned had gotten himself crosstumed in a diaphanous bridesmaid dress, the colour of bubblegum, complete with accessories. Off they went to work, only to be greeted by their snickering, jeering co-workers wearing bandannas, torn jeans, sleeveless shirts, carrying guitars and microphones. Yes, it was actually "Dress like The Boss Day" alright...Bruce Springstein, that is!

Etymology: Cross (as in cross-dressing, where someone of one gender wears the clothing typically associated with the other gender) & Costumed (dressed in clothing characteristic of a period, country, or class)

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Comments: Crosstumed

Mustang - 2009-05-27: 07:48:00
Do you suppose someone was being a little costumacious?

hyperborean - 2009-05-28: 21:06:00
I really enjoyed your story! Perfect for the cartoon!

DrWebster111 - 2009-05-31: 12:12:00
EXCELLENT WORD, but it didn't need the book, it's called a "sentence"

Nosila - 2009-06-01: 00:41:00
Ah, DrW...sentences really only matter in prison!!!