Verboticism: Blissted

'Look! A pretty rainbow...'

DEFINITION: v. To see beauty in the midst of a complete disaster. n. The ability to see beauty in the rainbow hues of a toxic oil spill, or in the remnants of a poster torn down long ago, or in the subtle cracks in the plaster of a cheap, cold-water flat.

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Created by: hyperborean

Pronunciation: blihss-tehd

Sentence: Louisse was happy she was so enlightened that she could enjoy all the sensory experiences of the car crash. Luckily, Bob knew just how blissted she always was, and pulled her out just before the explosion.

Etymology: bliss (extreme happiness, ecstacy) + twisted (distorted)

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Comments: Blissted

readerwriter - 2009-05-12: 15:30:00
I like your sentences!

DrWebster111 - 2009-05-12: 21:38:00
you hit it out of the park, great word, amazingly funny sentence