Verboticism: Amasterpieceofheartfeltstrings

'Omigod! He's... He's... Beautiful!'

DEFINITION: n. The emotional connection between a mother and her child, which continues on through life despite all the protestations. v. To be loved by your mother and even though you complain about it a lot.

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Created by: abrakadeborah

Pronunciation: A-mas-ter-peace-of-heart-felt-strings

Sentence: Feeling amasterpieceofheartfeltstrings of your child.

Etymology: A masterpiece:Something superlative of its kind,an outstanding achievement! (In this case my only child, my son) Of:Composed or made from,Centering on; directed toward. Heartfelt:Sincerely and strongly felt! Strings: The ties that bind you to your child as a parent that somehow you feel when they need you by instinct. A strong connection as an invisable string that is stronger than you have ever dreamed of experiencing in a lifetime. (A deep bond) "Of ALL of the paintings,drawings or writings I have done, my greatest masterpiece is my son!

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Comments: Amasterpieceofheartfeltstrings

Jabberwocky - 2009-05-08: 13:12:00
congratulations and happy mother's day - he's a lucky boy

Nosila - 2009-05-08: 23:22:00

abrakadeborah - 2009-05-10: 06:29:00
HAPPY Mother's day to all you ladies blessed with children :) Thanks Jabber and Nosila ;-)