Verboticism: Fogginnoggin

'Hope that's not my brain up there...'

DEFINITION: n. An out-of-body, or out-of-brain, experience which occurs when faced with a demanding intellectual challenge. v. To lose your train of thought while trying to demonstrate your intellectual prowess.

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Created by: memyselfandbo

Pronunciation: fog-in-nog-in

Sentence: Cynthia stared blankly at the words starting to swirl on her test paper. She couldn't believe that she was pulling a fogginnoggin during the most important test of her life! Why couldn't she remember the actors on the original cast of Barney the Dinosaur? WHY!?!?

Etymology: fog: to make obscure or confusing. noggin: a person's head.

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Comments: Fogginnoggin

splendiction - 2009-04-15: 21:37:00
Good word!