Verboticism: Domestigator

'Omigod! That is a huge snake!'

DEFINITION: v. To "adopt" a cute, baby, wild animal as a pet, which then grows up to become a very large, very wild, and very dangerous predator. n. A person who treats wild animals like pets, only to discover that they are not.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: dom esti gay tor

Sentence: Crikey, but the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, was a true domestigator. He turned every animal he met into a pet. He put the Pen in Penguin, the M'am in Mamba and the Con in Anaconda. He was a true communigator and an edugator. He found out the hard way that the Pole Cat was not really a cat and he looked out for the wilferal wildlife. Sadly, but ironically, he met his Cregator after having a stinging ray put a hole in his heart. Maybe it was squid pro quo (a favor for a favor) but he never seemed to have reptile dysfunction before that fateful day!

Etymology: domesticate ( make fit for cultivation, domestic life, and service to humans;overcome the wildness of; make docile and tractable) & Gator (nickname for an alligator, either of two amphibious reptiles related to crocodiles but with with shorter broader snouts)

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Comments: Domestigator

metrohumanx - 2009-04-09: 01:52:00
Reptile dysfunction! Brilliant, Mon cherie!

mrskellyscl - 2009-04-09: 06:38:00
Thanks for the early morning chuckle.

abrakadeborah - 2009-04-09: 08:18:00
LOL! He should have taken his Gatoriagra for "reptile dysfunction" :) YOU are hilarious!

mweinmann - 2009-04-09: 08:29:00
Hilarous squid pro quo.....great sentence!!

Jabberwocky - 2009-04-09: 10:46:00
terrific combo

silveryaspen - 2009-04-09: 16:03:00
terrific verbotomies ... greater gator creator! :-)