Verboticism: Fauxtagraft

'Would you like to try my new ride?'

DEFINITION: v. To purchase a low-cost product and cover it with the label, or put it inside the packaging of a premium brand. n. A cheap product, which has been repackaged, or relabeled, by the consumer to make it look like an expensive brand.

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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: FOE-tag-graft

Sentence: By attaching phony designer tags to his ordinary wardrobe Wilson was convinced that other folks would be fooled though most in fact, were on to his fauxtagraft tactics and secretly laughed at him behind his back.

Etymology: Blend of 'faux' (false) 'tag' (designer label) and 'graft' (to attach as if by grafting)

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Comments: Fauxtagraft

Nosila - 2008-12-26: 18:48:00
What a fauxtogenic word!

Mustang - 2008-12-27: 01:18:00
It was a fauxtofinish.....just sort of developed....

Mustang - 2008-12-28: 00:38:00
It was a fauxtofinish.....just sort of developed....