Verboticism: Shotmail

'What do you mean I'm too drunk to email my boss?'

DEFINITION: v., To write an email while under the influence of an intoxicating substance. n., An email or blog post where the author has chosen to ignore standard literary and social conventions -- thanks to a liberal consumption of alcohol.

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Created by: libertybelle

Pronunciation: shaht-mayl

Sentence: It was utterly clear to Bonnie that her ex-husband was sending out emails from his shotmail account last night as she waded through his misspellings proclaiming that he was so sorry they ever split up and that he was sorry that she was such a bitch to him. She didn't know it was possible to slur in text, but somehow Phil had captured the essence of what he had found in the bottom of the bottle of Johnnie Walker. She supposed, however, that it still beat him drunk dialing her at 3 am.

Etymology: shot - a small portion of liquor + Hotmail - a well known site for email.

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Comments: Shotmail

silveryaspen - 2008-11-24: 16:52:00
With just one letter addition you created a perfect fit for the definition. It's difficult to meld two words into a new one with just 1 letter! Great Create!

metrohumanx - 2008-11-25: 11:04:00
Positively INSPIRED!