Verboticism: Blackholse

'My boyfriend disappeared in the laundry!'

DEFINITION: n., 1. The process by which pairs of socks are washed, dried, and then separated perhaps never to be reunited again. 2. The place where lost socks disappear to. v. To lose your mate in the wash.

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Created by: Nuwanda

Pronunciation: black-holz

Sentence: Marnie knew if she could just find the secret portal into the blackholse, she would wander into a sock-filled utopia where errant socks and other miscellaneous garments were lined up in an orderly fashion just waiting to be reunited with their mates or owners. So obsessed was she that her husband came home to find the washer and dryer disassembled and the beginnings of a hole dug into the laundry room floor. From that moment on, Marnie and her husband never spoke of the blackholse again, and Marnie started wearing those little disposable foot covers they have in shoe stores for trying on shoes without socks.

Etymology: Mash-up of black hole and hose

Points: 821

Comments: Blackholse

metrohumanx - 2008-11-06: 12:00:00
Very thorough- a strong scientific foundation, with overtones of Hitchcock and Poe, yet with a happy ending. Remarkable.