Verboticism: Eekrosion

'Tap-tap-tap and my hair falls out.'

DEFINITION: n., A wear mark, or shiny spot, which appears on a heavily used computer touch-pad, mouse or keyboard. v., To wear down or erode through repetitive clicking, tapping or poking.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: eek ro shun

Sentence: Minnie's mouse was worn away by eekrosion. She had used her computer a million times to meet the demands of her boss, but now the surface was taking on a dull patina and she was sure eekrosion was creeping in. It was a pity, always having to work with a Mouse...but that was the price you paid for going to work at the office of the Disney Corporation!

Etymology: eek (the squealing sound people in cartoons make when they see a mouse) & erosion (condition where the finish or top layer is worn away by wind, water or constant friction) & e-rosion (electronic wearing away of something)

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Comments: Eekrosion

metrohumanx - 2008-10-17: 12:17:00
Last week I captured a mouse in a strongbox and released it in the woods.

Nosila - 2008-10-17: 22:17:00
This week I cornered a rat in my office and made him apologize for doing something stupid...I think the 4 legged ones would be easier to train...

metrohumanx - 2008-10-18: 06:40:00
Hahaha...I just detected mouse #2- a close relative of #1, i guess. Time to set up the strongbox again.

zxvasdf - 2008-10-18: 15:15:00
I caught a mousy brown rat weaseling into a pussy's prim pudding.

Nosila - 2008-10-18: 23:36:00
Mice are like insects...when you kill one, all his relatives show up for the funeral!