Verboticism: Paranting

'Eat! Or you'll turn into a boneless chicken.'

DEFINITION: n., Cautionary advice provided by parents to their children, often makes no logical sense but carries enough emotional weight to affect the child's behavior. v. To warn of danger through the judicious use of exaggeration.

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Created by: hooterbug

Pronunciation: pâr'ran-ting

Sentence: Due to my childhood and unique blend of "Paranting" from my mom and pops, I will be appearing on the Jerry Springer show one day soon.

Etymology: Blend of "Parent" (One who begets, gives birth to) and "ranting" (to scold vehemently)

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Comments: Paranting

lumina - 2008-08-29: 15:28:00
I think I will be on the same show. :)

Nosila - 2008-08-29: 20:11:00
So many great words today!