Verboticism: Mamatrauma

'Eat! Or you'll turn into a boneless chicken.'

DEFINITION: n., Cautionary advice provided by parents to their children, often makes no logical sense but carries enough emotional weight to affect the child's behavior. v. To warn of danger through the judicious use of exaggeration.

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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: Mom - uh - trom - uh

Sentence: Daphne ducked whenever her mother would begin ranting about normal risks in every day life, fearing the devastating emotional damage from mamatrauma much more than she feared daily living.

Etymology: Blend of 'mama' (mother parent) and 'trauma' (an experience that produces psychological injury or pain)

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Comments: Mamatrauma

metrohumanx - 2008-08-29: 06:03:00
Keep making that face, and it will STAY that way forever!

lumina - 2008-08-29: 15:30:00
"Eat one more piece of that candy and the dentist will have to pull all your teeth out!"

Mustang - 2008-08-30: 04:44:00
No BB gun, you'll put somebody's eye out.

Mustang - 2008-08-30: 06:39:00
No BB gun, you'll put somebody's eye out.

lumina - 2008-08-31: 21:03:00
Okaaaaaaaaaaaay...go ahead if you want..........all I will say is, "Santa is wathinggggggggggggg."