Verboticism: Squirmpile

'I think this is a game of hide and seek.'

DEFINITION: n. A momentary feeling of relief mixed with lingering dread, which occurs when your boss marches past the piles of unfinished work on your desk. v. To sigh with relief after your boss marches past your desk

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Created by: OZZIEBOB

Pronunciation: SKWURM-pahyl

Sentence: As files began to stack higher and higher in Bob's in-tray, fellow workers realized that it was a clever ploy to avoid the boss's glare and hide his own squirmpile.

Etymology: SQUIRM: to feel or display discomfort or distress, as from reproof, embarrassment, pain, etc & PILE: an assemblage of things laid or lying one upon the other: a pile of papers.

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Comments: Squirmpile

metrohumanx - 2008-08-04: 06:40:00
SQUIRMPILE...disturbingly vivid image.

pungineer - 2008-08-04: 09:18:00
Is that also what you get from cold office chairs and too many donut runs?

Nosila - 2008-08-04: 17:48:00
Good word...I think most people have squirmpiles at work!