Verboticism: Jabberblabber

'In fact, before she knew her husband...'

DEFINITION: v. To share a true but extremely embarrassing story about a close personal friend at the worst possible time. n. A moment of ill-timed honesty.

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Created by: TJayzz

Pronunciation: Jabb-ur-blabb-ur

Sentence: Not realising that Tom was the world's worst Jabberblabber, George had confided in him about his cross-dressing habit. So when he accidently let his secret out of the bag during the annual meeting of the local rugby club, he was horrifed and promised himself that from then on he would keep things to himself in future.

Etymology: Jabber(to talk excitedly, nonesensical chatter) Blab(to reveal secrets by indiscreet talk) = Jabberblabber

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Comments: Jabberblabber

Jabberwocky - 2008-06-04: 14:57:00
I think I should be offended by this word but it's very funny

wordmeister - 2008-06-04: 21:18:00
Good thing Jabber's taking this in stride