Verboticism: Naggravate

'Honey, you just ran a red light!'

DEFINITION: v. To unintentionally encourage bad behavior by responding to it in a manner that incites even worse behavior. n. A response designed to stop bad behavior, which paradoxically produces more of it.

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Created by: Tigger

Pronunciation: /NAG-ruh-veyt/

Sentence: Matt was normally an aggressive driver — he practiced 'offensive driving' rather than 'defensive driving' — and when his passengers complained it would only naggravate the situation. Unfortunately, Matt's girlfriend, Mona, still hadn't learned this, and their roadtrips would turn into white-knuckled rollercoaster rides of reckless driving and near accidents, which only grew worse as Mona's screams intensified.

Etymology: Nag - to annoy by persistent faultfinding, complaints, or demands (from Old Norse, gnaga "to complain") + Aggravate - to make worse or more severe; intensify; irritate (from Latin, aggravāre "to burden")

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Comments: Naggravate

TJayzz - 2008-05-20: 11:28:00
Good word!!

galwaywegian - 2008-05-20: 10:28:00
good word. love Mona.

Nosila - 2008-05-20: 22:40:00
Was her name Mona Lott? Good Word

Tigger - 2008-05-21: 00:30:00
Yes, it was! Do you know her too?

OZZIEBOB - 2008-05-22: 01:20:00
Good word