Verboticism: Anticrastinate

'Hurry up we need to get in line!'

DEFINITION: v. To hurry up and wait. n. A person who compels you to prepare quickly for an activity which they know will be delayed, postponed or retarded.

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Created by: stache

Pronunciation: ān'tī-krās'tə-nāt', ān'-tē-krās'tə-nāt'

Sentence: "Why must you always anticrastinate?!?" Chelsea berated Jackie. They had rushed to Ronald Reagan International Airport to catch their flight home to Atlanta, which involved a scramble from their hotel to the metro station, then transfers from the red to the orange to the green line, and then a mad dash to the baggage check station and a sprint to the gate where they arrived two hours early with their pre-printed boarding passes despite the strip-search they endured at the security gate, only to discover that their flight was delayed SIX HOURS due to snow in Duluth.

Etymology: 'anti,' var. of 'auntie,' favored spinster relative; 'crastinate,' var. of 'castanet,' flamenco percussion instrument.

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Comments: Anticrastinate

OZZIEBOB - 2008-04-23: 05:55:00
Such a interesting word! If my Latin serves me correct, the "cras" means tomorrow. And of flamenco and castanets, brings to mind the song, "Manana" and "the land of manana"