Verboticism: Clothesbasketcase

'I said to dress business casual!'

DEFINITION: n. The feeling of anxiety created by the realization that you've arrived at a social event "wearing the wrong thing". v. To arrive at a social function and suddenly realize that you are you are completely over-dressed or worse -- under-dressed!

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Created by: silveryaspen

Pronunciation: close - bas - ket - case

Sentence: Tom, master in dressing, wore a feather in his cap. Tom went skinny dipping. Undressed down to his bare bones, he felt a bit disarmed. Tom wanted to spice things up with his finely-feathered girlfrhend, so he tried dressing sagely. Alas! Tom was not sage enough, to avoid a turkey trot down the aisle. In tux and tails, he felt a bit awfowl. He was a tad wedding disdressed. No matter! Whatever he wore, he'd feel like a clothes basket case.

Etymology: Clothes - dress/attire. Basket Case: anyone suffering severe nervous strain

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Comments: Clothesbasketcase

Nosila - 2008-02-25: 00:57:00
Fowl play indeed, silveryaspen! He'll be hen-pecked for sure for plucking this girl...with a drumstick. Poultry in motion.

OZZIEBOB - 2008-02-25: 19:19:00
Wow, with that feather in his cap - makes me think of Yankee Doodle!