Verboticism: Maidenfence

'Don't worry, my dad trained him'

DEFINITION: v., To counsel patience and caution when it comes to romantic endeavors. n., An unexpected or unwanted chaperon who has a special knack for "putting ice on it" when people get the "hots".

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Created by: ErWenn

Pronunciation: /ˈmeɪdṇˌfɛns/

Sentence: Even though her parents were out of town, her obnoxious nudgwink of a little brother kept making lewd comments every time I even looked at her, and that was enough of a maidenfence to keep me from even thinking about any hanky-panky.

Etymology: from maiden(head) + fence. Kinda looks like it has "defense" in there too.

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Comments: Maidenfence

silveryaspen - 2008-02-13: 13:09:00
K/nightly sword play! (fencing) Evokes the romaticism of a past age of chivalry. Very nice verbot!