Verboticism: Crassgrabber

'Look how

DEFINITION: n., A person who finds potentially sexual meanings in every conversation, and who always tries to "cleverly" point it out, by putting ordinary words or phrases into a sexual context. v., To be habitually and annoyingly addicted to sexual innuendo.

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Created by: Magnetic

Pronunciation: KRASS / gra / ber

Sentence: With all his lewd winking, nudging, and constant "finger quoting", Bob quickly became the crassgrabber no one wanted to mingle with at the party.

Etymology: crass (vulgar, insensitive) + ass grabber (one who selfishly exploits the shocked reactions of others for their own repressed perverted kicks) + grab (reach, stretch)

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Comments: Crassgrabber

picabomama - 2008-02-12: 09:15:00
This is a word that would have come in as a handy alternative for one of my college theatre professors, who was constantly accusing us of engaging in too much "grab ass."

silveryaspen - 2008-02-12: 12:27:00
Sexploitive fingers! Very witty! Sexceptional!

Jabberwocky - 2008-02-12: 12:35:00
you don't want to encourage crassgrab or is that crabgrass