Verboticism: Pubescription

'It's about my husband's new prescription? '

DEFINITION: n. An unintended consequence of medical or psychological therapy, especially if the therapy is supposed to make you feel "young again".

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Created by: Tigger

Pronunciation: /pyoob-skrip'-shun/

Sentence: Mildred had read the literature and warnings for what she was calling "Harvey's pubescription" three times now, but nowhere did it say that the little blue pills might cause him to try to breakdance, or to wear his pants so low that his boxers would stick out.

Etymology: pubescence - the onset of puberty (from Latin, pubertatem "age of maturity") + prescription - a prescribed medicine or other treatment (from Latin, past participle of praescrībere)

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Comments: Pubescription

silveryaspen - 2007-12-31: 11:01:00
Chuckling ... this is a word I will forever be tempted to use instead of viagara or the other prescriptions that serve the same purpose!