Verboticism: Whifficionado

'Why are you sniffing your phone?'

DEFINITION: n., A compulsive need to sniff everything and anything you pick up, even things that typically do not have distinctive odors. v., To habitually sniff everything within your grasp -- just to make sure it's fresh.

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Created by: Tigger

Pronunciation: \wif-fish-ee-uh-NAH-doh\

Sentence: Because Hector was a real whifficionado, anything that came near his face -- the phone, his sunglasses, even his girlfriend -- would get scrutinosed, and fragranalyzed. He had a total sniffixation.

Etymology: whiff - "a slight trace of odor or smell" (aspirated var. of Middle English, weffe) + aficionado - "enthusiast" (Spanish, aficion, -from Latin, affectionem)

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Comments: Whifficionado

OZZIEBOB - 2007-11-29: 04:28:00
I sorry if I've stolen "sniffixation" from you. I was unaware that you used it in your sentence. I'm happy to withdraw it & ubstitute "fragranxiety". I'm a fan of whifficionado; it's a great word.

Tigger - 2007-11-29: 12:21:00
No problem. Great minds think alike -- apparently, so do we sometimes. ;) I though that your word 'smellancholy' was brilliant.

kabloozie - 2007-11-29: 19:52:00
I think this captures the 'essence' of the definition.

franke - 2007-11-30: 10:02:00
Excellent word. Very funny.