Verboticism: Persistard

'This bank machine is so stupid.'

DEFINITION: v., To have the strength of character, persistence of heart, and dimness of wit to follow an unchanging course of action even when it is completely ineffective. n., A person who unhappily does the same thing over and over again.

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Created by: MrDave2176

Pronunciation: per-SIS-tard / dun-see-KAY-shun

Sentence: Donna was well known as a persistard. She would often continue to push the elevator button after it was lit, and would send back her Publisher's Clearing House entries (with subscriptions). She hoped her duncication would pay off one day.

Etymology: n: Persistard =persistance + (re)tard; v: Duncication = dunce + (dedi)cation

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Comments: Persistard

Lidipop - 2007-10-24: 12:09:00
ha! - good one :)

Lolagrrl - 2007-10-24: 14:01:00
If I had been drinking milk whilst reading this it would have shot straight out my nose! :D Good one!!

Kevcom - 2007-10-24: 23:00:00
That actually is a good one, come to think of it! On another note, Isn't it funny to notice that you can almost tell how many points a word will have simply by looking at the comments?