Verboticism: Innuyawndo

'You can't fool me. You're fake yawning.'

DEFINITION: v., To yawn or sigh repeatedly in an effort to subtly communicate one's lack of interest in the current conversation. n., A series of long, exasperated, and often escalating sighs indicating extreme boredom.

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Created by: jmckays

Pronunciation: in-yu-yawn-doh

Sentence: I was putting as much innuyawndo into the conversation as I could, but she just couldn't seem to understand that I could care less about how her day went.

Etymology: innuendo; yawn; crescendo;

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Comments: Innuyawndo

Jabberwocky - 2007-10-15: 15:51:00
good one

OZZIEBOB - 2007-10-15: 21:41:00
Nice use of innuendo!

petaj - 2007-10-16: 09:06:00
if you added crescendo to your etymology that would tie in nicely with the escalating sighs.

jmckays - 2007-10-16: 11:26:00
thanks to petaj for the ent. suggest.