Verboticism: Emopeetoopee

'Don't kitty me. Just put the food on the floor and get out!'

DEFINITION: To collect all the emotional energy you receive from one person, and then share it with the very next person you meet.

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Created by: kimmy




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Created by: purpleartichokes

Pronunciation: dum-pah-thee

Sentence: After her cat, Fidon't, rejected her plea for companionship, she went to work and immediately began to dumpathy on her boss, which ultimately landed her a nice, nonsocial position in the mail room.

Etymology: dump, empathy


petaj was that position in the paper recycling dump bin? - petaj, 2007-07-20: 05:16:00

Pity she didn't study harder. She could be a dumpatologist by now. - galwaywegian, 2007-07-20: 07:15:00

Either way, she'd be down in the dumps. - Kyoti, 2007-07-20: 10:43:00


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Created by: urbanwookie

Pronunciation: ree-sigh-kl

Sentence: Frank felt sure Jodie was repsychling her cat's negativity....

Etymology: recycle + psyche = repsychle

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Created by: callum4katie


Sentence: i love the word joke



i love this website! - callum4katie, 2007-07-21: 06:32:00


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Created by: scrawlspacer

Pronunciation: DEH fur kayt

Sentence: I really need to quit my job. My boss is so bitchy I wind up defercating on my boyfriend.* You have to watch out for the silent types. Sometimes they do nothing but defercate.* I wish I weren't the first person Mary sees every day when she comes in. Why can't she find someone else to listen to her defercate?

Etymology: defer + defecate (in the figurative sense, as in "to dump" (intr.) or "to dump something [on someone]" (tr.)

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Created by: elron

Pronunciation: en-dor-fo-sis

Sentence: I could tell when Mary approached me that her endorphosis would be completely spilled on me.

Etymology: endorphin + osmosis

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Created by: mplsbohemian

Pronunciation: ree-MOH-cayt

Sentence: As Alex's girlfriend slammed the door in his face, he automatically assumed she was remocating from a phone call just before.

Etymology: relocate + emotion

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Created by: kabloozie

Pronunciation: die-a-re-tor-ick

Sentence: Since her divorce, I've been avoiding her - I'm so sick of her diarrhetoric.

Etymology: diarrhea + rhetoric

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Created by: dzhessi

Pronunciation: emPUGnayt

Sentence: Laura empugnates her friends after she goes to one of her special meetings.

Etymology: en (in) + pug (


Cool - Nolina, 2007-07-22: 16:51:00


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Created by: Kyoti

Pronunciation: Kahr-may-dee-ate

Sentence: Billy knocked on the door, and when Jennifer opened it, she looked right at him and said, "I suppose you think this fixes everything!", then ran off and locked herself into the bathroom for an hour. While he waited impatiently on the couch, her Saint Bernard, "Mr. Tidwell", began to take a more than friendly interest in nuzzling Billy's sensitive areas. Before he caught himself, Billy glanced at Mr. Tidwell and karmadiated involuntarily, "I suppose you think this fixes everything".

Etymology: Karma + radiate


Hey Kyoti - keep going with your story - it's good but you still haven't used your word in a sentence - Jabberwocky, 2007-07-20: 11:09:00

I always forget that part. I'm too busy ducking from my boxlexia. This place is full of trap doors, you know? - Kyoti, 2007-07-20: 11:14:00

much better - funny story - maybe you should have named the dog Monica - Jabberwocky, 2007-07-20: 11:20:00

Mr. Tidwell did my verbotomy - snuffleupaguest. - purpleartichokes, 2007-07-20: 13:27:00

Well, see... Tidwell is a verbotomy too. Sobbbbb.... - Kyoti, 2007-07-20: 14:56:00

Or was that an anagram? Hmmm.... - Kyoti, 2007-07-20: 14:57:00

A subliminal mnemonic device? I dunno. - Kyoti, 2007-07-20: 14:58:00

And LOL @ snuffleupaguest. :)) - Kyoti, 2007-07-20: 14:58:00


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