Verboticism: Overlesson

'I'll drop him at the vets'

DEFINITION: n. A conclusion or an assumption developed after careful listening to, and analysis of one-half of a telephone conversation. v. To listen to one-half of a telephone conversation.

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Created by: galwaywegian




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Created by: w5lf9s

Pronunciation: demee.diuce

Sentence: "You heard what she said and you know who she was talking to - surely you can demiduce the rest!"

Etymology: from "demi" - half and "deduce" - derive logically


this is good! - wordmeister, 2007-02-09: 09:50:00


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Created by: erasmus

Pronunciation: miss con str eeves drop

Sentence: Danny always had one ear on someone else's conversation to the point that he was known as the office misconstreevesdropper.

Etymology: from misconstrue and eavesdropping

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Created by: ahwinters

Pronunciation: e-vs-duc-sis-e-on

Sentence: After the call he eavesdecided he needed to get out and excersize more.

Etymology: eavesdrop + decision

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: dy al log

Sentence: Eddie knew by the diallog that his wife Pat was having on the phone that they had already been selected for a free Bahamas cruise. Okay, all they had to do was pay for their airfare and expenses to fly from home to Miami and they would be liable for their hotel room and all other costs, but they had won a free trip!! I mean, how often could that happen???

Etymology: Dial (what used to be on telephones) & log (a record of messages sent or received), Wordplay on Dialogue (a conversation between two persons)

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Created by: MrBlack

Pronunciation: Tel-e-vok-si-play-shun

Sentence: We cater to most of the casual spy arts here; windowatching, earwalling, and televoxiplation


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Created by: allwise

Pronunciation: te-le-sum-sjon

Sentence: Jenny listend intently on his phonecall from across the room ,and could thus telesume he would take her out to dinner. Unfortunately for him, he had no idea about any such thing...

Etymology: tele - afar assumption - make a conclusion based on limited facts

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Created by: chris

Pronunciation: foe-nee-call

Sentence: Roger was an inveterate eavesdropper, but the number of phoneycalls that that had led him to make was legendary

Etymology: Phone + phoney (inaccurate)+ call (double meaning, as in phonecall and 'judgement', as in 'your call')

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Created by: egonschiela

Pronunciation: con-vue-zhun

Sentence: Jeremy's convusion was heightened by the fact that his girlfriend's toothbrush was missing ...

Etymology: conv (ersation) + (conf) usion

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Created by: greengoddess

Pronunciation: sk ooo dge



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