Verboticism: Ipodiocy

'I am in tune with me.'

DEFINITION: v. To turn up the volume on your ipod and zone out all exterior noise, chatter, distractions, and focus on what's really important - your own feelings! n. A person who is humming their own tune, and ignoring everything else.

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Created by: scrabbelicious

Pronunciation: My-op-er-ah

Sentence: Maria's myopera did not mean she needed to wear her headphones ALL the time, no, it was just whenever she was awake.

Etymology: Rythmic fusion of 1) Myopia - condition commonly referred to as shortsightedness (which is quite a long word) and 2)Opera - musical which is very small (or far away) and requires the audience to use binoculars in order to see the players on the stage.


artr Based on myopia? - artr, 2009-08-06: 11:11:00

Diva-licious word!!! Does this mean the Presbyopera means when you sing in a Protestant Church??? - Nosila, 2009-08-07: 22:29:00

Presbyopera, some kinda weird Elvis convention, probably would've could've should've been the subject of a Fr Ted Christmas special. - scrabbelicious, 2009-08-08: 09:43:00


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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: əblisvēəs

Sentence: Mary seems to always have her earbuds stuck in her ears. She goes through life completely oblissvious to what is going around her. Co-workers are amused to see her dancing down the hall whisper-singing her favorite tune. The scary part is that her iPod hasn't worked for weeks. All the music she hears comes from her head.

Etymology: oblivious (not aware of or not concerned about what is happening around one) + bliss (perfect happiness; great joy)

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Created by: mickey666


Sentence: to autoaudiosensualise is the perfect method of making oneself extreaneous to sonal diversions

Etymology: auto = self audio = sound sensualise = you all know what that means

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Created by: soundbabyyy

Pronunciation: ex tear arise ing

Sentence: i am exteriorizing with my ipod


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Created by: ce0brb

Pronunciation: Zomb-i-plod

Sentence: Mildred was zombiplodding around without a care in the world

Etymology: Zombie & Plodding & an "i" for good measure.

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Created by: jrogan

Pronunciation: idiopod

Sentence: Annie was a compulsive idiopod who was permanently plugged into her ipod. It was the soundtrack of her life, and she never missed a beat, unless it happened outside her head.

Etymology: ipod + idiot

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Created by: omista

Pronunciation: aw-di-O-VIL

Sentence: her disregard for the world around her was exemplified in her audiovile ways, especially when she was plugged into her new Ipod

Etymology: Audiophile + vile

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Created by: hairydoginparis


Sentence: I HiTuned my iPod until I couldn't hear the baby's screams.

Etymology: Hi-from high, like high volume iTune-from the music played on iPods

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Created by: schleppo

Pronunciation: eye-bliss-full-ig-nor-ants

Sentence: Sally is in a state of iblissfulignorance


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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: nob liv ee us

Sentence: Isadora was noblivious when she zoned in on her music and dialed away the world. She missed seeing so many accidents that she caused due to her inattention.

Etymology: Nob (variant spelling of KNOB,a button on a dial to adjust sound on a radio) & Oblivious (failing to keep in mind)

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