Verboticism: Waitred

'But I was here first!'

DEFINITION: n. The feelings that well up inside of you when you're waiting for service and another person, who arrived after you did, gets waited first! v. To wait and wait in line, only to watch other people jump the queue.

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Created by: remistram

Pronunciation: but-in-feeuhr-eee

Sentence: Her buttinfury heightened to a frenzied state when every item that he wanted to purchase had no price codes so the cashier had to call the manager over to find the prices for each of his 54 items, one by one...

Etymology: butt-in (as in to intrude in line) + fury (rage)

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: inn tur jur kt

Sentence: The intensity of his interjerktion was resposible for his impaling on Madams umbrella.

Etymology: interject as in butt in, jerk as in butt head.


Your sentence and verbotomy are so good I not see it, I feel it! Excell'in't! - silveryaspen, 2009-04-07: 11:19:00

Can't type today worth a hang. Meant to type - Your sentence and verbotomy are good, I not only see it, I feel it. Excell'in't! - silveryaspen, 2009-04-07: 11:20:00

tragic but funny - Jabberwocky, 2009-04-07: 15:21:00

At least his rain of terror is over...maybe we should all carry umbrellas! - Nosila, 2009-04-07: 23:06:00

metrohumanx I'll bet he wanted to bumbershoot someone! - metrohumanx, 2009-04-08: 02:27:00


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Created by: splendiction

Pronunciation: cuo ma

Sentence: Henny’s queuoma spared her life for quite a while! She pleasantly stood in line in a kind of queuoma, and failed to notice the other stupidly eager birds stepping out in front of the line. As she neared the start of the line the sights and sounds before her were reminding her she was a chicken! Horrid chops! Oh the panic! Running around with their heads cut off! Henny forced herself back into her queuoma, allowing all other rude birds passage a HEAD!

Etymology: From queu (to line up) and coma (a state of unconsciousness). Queuomas occur when lining up and not noticing others stepping ahead in line and not really caring.


metrohumanx SPLENDID word! - metrohumanx, 2009-04-08: 02:17:00


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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: hen vee us

Sentence: Biddy was always one to strut her stuff. She showed off at every opportunity. Her chicks were always the cutest and her crow always the most melodic. She laid the most eggs. The rooster always picked her first. The other chickens were always henvious of her. That is until the day Farmer Brown came around looking for the perfect chicken to take with him into the house. That was a special treat. If you went into his house, you never had to worry about laying eggs or scratching for corn again. He was going towards Henrietta when Biddy jumped in front of him and strutted her stuff. The Farmer was only could he resist? He picked up Biddy, who weighed a poultry five pounds and took her into the house. How could any of them know she was really to become a victim of Fowl Play?

Etymology: Hen (adult female bird) & Envious (showing extreme cupidity; painfully desirous of another's advantages;covetous of another)


Your attention to the cartoon, I so admire. Very henterprising! - silveryaspen, 2009-04-07: 02:57:00

Should have passed the buck buck buck - galwaywegian, 2009-04-07: 07:35:00

This is hilarious..... - mweinmann, 2009-04-07: 17:04:00


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Created by: petaj

Pronunciation: wait-red rhymes with hatred

Sentence: Tanya was filled with waitred while the officer kept answering the phone instead of helping the customers lined up at the desk.

Etymology: wait (be detained)+ hatred (loathing) + red (i was so angry, it made me see red)


Could also describe waiting for a waiter to serve you. Nice one! - galwaywegian, 2009-04-07: 07:37:00

Captures that strong feeling with a really strong verbotomy! - silveryaspen, 2009-04-07: 11:32:00

terrific - Jabberwocky, 2009-04-07: 15:24:00

metrohumanx Nice, compact and self-explanatory! - metrohumanx, 2009-04-08: 02:16:00


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Created by: garythesnail

Pronunciation: WAY-TREAD

Sentence: Harvey was waiting for ages to buy a movie ticket,when some jerk cut in front of him and got the last ticket! Harvey's waitred was so welled up, he slapped the guy.

Etymology: Wait + Hatred

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: kut-nip-shuhn

Sentence: Jerry just about had a cutniption when people appeared to be butting in the line waiting to get into the club. Yeah, sure they are EMTs dealing with an ill patron but shouldn't they have to wait like everybody else. At least the sick person should have had the courtesy of falling out of the queue.

Etymology: conniption (fit, temper fit) + cut (to move or thrust oneself abruptly between others)

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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: CUE-raj

Sentence: As she watched yet another shopper manage to slip in line ahead of her as she waited, Bertha felt welling queuerage building inside and only through concentrated effort was she able to quell an outburst of screaming and cursing.

Etymology: Blend of 'queue' ( a waiting line especially of persons or vehicles) and 'rage' (extreme anger)

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: han oy anse

Sentence: Sheldon had waited a long time to get into his favourite popular Vietnamese restaurant. Then he had waited another long time to have his order taken. An older couple had come in after him and got their order long before he did. He felt a deep sense of hanoiance over the favoritism shown to this pair. He finally spoke to the waiter, demanding to know why he was being treated this way. The waiter smiled sheepishly and explained that the couple were his elderly grandparents, the actual owners of the restaurant, who had to be back to the seniors' home before 7:00 pm. With a sigh gone, Sheldon realized he was being pho-lish and hue too hasty, as it was their recipes he was enjoying. Even though he'd had to wait, it was a nguyen-nguyen situation for him.

Etymology: Hanoi (Capitol city of Viet Nam) & Annoyance (the psychological state of being irritated or annoyed) Also: Hue (pron: hway)ancient people of Viet Nam and a name of a city there); Pho (Vietnamese soup);Nguyen (pronounced Hwin) most popular Vietnamese surname and family name of a royal dynasty)


I love it long time! - scrabbelicious, 2010-10-20: 19:20:00


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Created by: ChickenWhistle

Pronunciation: TERN-bern

Sentence: "Aww, man! I had a bad case of turnburn at the greengrocers yesterday. I must've been queuing for twenty minutes before I'd finally got to the front of the dismally short, yet depressingly slow line to the till. An old dear, (who must've been pushing a hundred if I'm a day,) in a pink, floral headscarf waddled completely obliviously past me and the people behind me straight to the counter. Wherefore she plonked her bag of tangerines and then spent ten minutes trying to find a twenty pence piece at the depths of her ancient purse. I would've given up and left in a huff if it wasn't for the great deal I was getting on white asparagus."

Etymology: Turn - e.g., "take it in turns, one at a time." Burn - (vernacular) a negative/painful experience. E.g., "Oh duuude, you got burned!"

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