Verboticism: Lonecall

'Sure, I'd love to talk...'

DEFINITION: n. A person who immediately answers all cell phone calls, then chats on and on, leaving the people they're with, hanging. v. To answer your phone even when you are in the middle of another conversation.

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: sell a bet

Sentence: Anthony soon learned the hard way that when you answer your cell phone, gab to the other party for ages and leave your wife ignored, you will very soon become cellibate! Yes, the only sex you will have is phone sex.

Etymology: Cell (phone) & Celibate ( abstaining from sexual intercourse)


brilliant :) - galwaywegian, 2011-03-11: 03:31:00


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Created by: josje

Pronunciation: phoneaholic

Sentence: I like to phone, i am an phoneaholic

Etymology: aholic ans phone.

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Created by: ewigkeit




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Created by: remistram

Pronunciation: rood-sel

Sentence: Penelope was so shocked to discover that Chad was a rudecell, she couldn't believe she had read him wrong.

Etymology: rude + cell (phone)

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Created by: Sed8ed

Pronunciation: sell a phant

Sentence: Paul was the worst kind of cellaphant one could imagine, with a cell phone that seems to be sprouting from his ear.


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Created by: timmy

Pronunciation: Talk it ter

Sentence: Youre a talkitter! I'm a talkitter.


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Created by: jedijawa

Pronunciation: fone-junk-ee

Sentence: Steve was a phonejunkie because he could never let a call go by without taking it and ignoring whoever he was with in the process.

Etymology: phone + junkie

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: kawl is inter rup tus

Sentence: Wendy was furious at her fiance Paul's poor manners. He always took phone calls when they were in the middle of something together, like a serious discussion and put her on hold until he was finished. The final straw was on their honeymoon, when at the most intimate moment, he answered a call and talked for ten minutes. She was really mad when she found out that the callisinterruptus was a poll company doing a survey about what he did to make his relationships more romantic!

Etymology: Call is (telephone connection is) & Interrupt us (interfere in someone else's activity)& play on Coitus Interruptus (contraceptive method)

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Created by: Bulletchewer

Pronunciation: gal-ohs-bee-ver

Sentence: We were keenly discussing the Tolkien references in Zeppelin's music, when Robert's mate Jimmy phoned; and of course the gallowsbeaver had to ramble on, seemingly forgetting our presence.

Etymology: From "gallows" which leaves people hanging, and "beaver" used to mean someone who is eager, and "dam" rude. Boom boom. Also "beavers" in Scouting are the youngest members, giving my word connotations of "childish".


a little convoluted but I'll give you a vote for originality - Jabberwocky, 2007-04-05: 14:46:00


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Created by: sarabeth20

Pronunciation: kahn-verse-ah-switch

Sentence: Bob pulled a conversaswitch on me today and I was so ticked.


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