Verboticism: Messpresso

'Omigod! You're cheating on me!'

DEFINITION: n., A type of guilt associated with a lapse in brand loyalty; especially when caught surreptitiously zipping the "wrong" coffee by your barista "friend". v. To secretly switch brands.

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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: cap-yew-CHEEN-oh-oh

Sentence: Glynnis was caught in a cappuccinohoh moment when her boyfriend Gilbert caught her drinking instant decaf coffee out of a Starbucks cup.

Etymology: blend of 'cappuccino' (n. coffee with steamed milk, sometimes served with whipped cream or sprinkled with powdered chocolate) and 'oh oh' or 'uh oh' (1.An exclamation of error, concern, awareness of a problem, or surprise)

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Created by: Jabberwocky

Pronunciation: a/mare/i/kano/jig/oh/low

Sentence: He was just buying espressos for the guys on the desk but the barista who already had his favourite americano brewing made him experience an acute attack of americanogigolo.

Etymology: americano + American Gigolo (of Richard Gere fame)


More memories of Beverley Hills - OZZIEBOB, 2008-08-22: 05:18:00


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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: kap/oo/cheet/oh

Sentence: The extra two blocks to Starbucks for her morning fix seemed a bit too difficult today for Jenny, so she visited Second Cup. After the fist sip an overwhelming feeling of cappuccheato set in and she broke down and had to dispose of her 'lazy fling coffee' in the nearest waste bin.

Etymology: CAPPUCCHEATO - noun - from CAPPUCCINO + CHEAT


I JUST CAME BACK TO POST THAT ONE! You verbhogomist you! ha...Ok, thinking cap must go back on... - lumina, 2008-08-21: 01:28:00

Good one. - Mustang, 2008-08-21: 07:50:00

Never trust coffee-drinker. nice word - OZZIEBOB, 2008-08-22: 05:07:00


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Created by: Kooldaddy

Pronunciation: con-tra-bran ding

Sentence: Jane was embarrassed when her favorite Barrista from Starbucks caught her contrabranding at Java Jones.

Etymology: brand betrayal, branding, out-branding, contrary branding, and contraband

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: bad ver tyze

Sentence: Latte Kafeen swung by the local coffee bar on the way to work each morning for her usual double double decaf mocha machato frothy made with brown cane sugar and skim milk. It was tasty, but took about ten minutes to create by the time all the steaming and foaming and brewing was complete and cost eight bucks. One morning when running late and a bit broke, she opted for a plain small coffee ($1) at the local convenience store. Of course, that was when she ran smack into Christa the Barista from her usual java purveyor out on the street. Latte's feeble fumbling was a poor atttempt to hide the brand name on her cup and instead served to badvertise her guilt. She never returned to the fancy coffee bar after that, lest revenge was put upon her defection in the form of a foreign and icky substance in her cup.

Etymology: Bad (not good;keenly sorry or regretful;nonstandard) & Advertise (make publicity for;call attention to)

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: deh sow layt sh unn

Sentence: Her desolatteshun upon being thrown out of the Professional Young Mothers for Progressive Shopping coffee mornings, when she was spotted with a generic jar of instant, was the most acute case of logonorrhea she had ever suffered.

Etymology: desolation, latte, shun.


love it - Jabberwocky, 2008-08-21: 16:18:00


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Created by: hyperborean

Pronunciation: beeen TRAY uhl

Sentence: "It's not mine," she insisted. But it was too late. He was staring at the matching lipstick on the cup -- evidence of her beantrayal.

Etymology: bean (coffee bean) + betrayal (having been disloyal to)


DrWebsterIII 2 in a row WERQUE!! - DrWebsterIII, 2012-10-24: 00:20:00


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Created by: astorey

Pronunciation: dis-roy-el-tee

Sentence: It was a elite club with just two members--Amber and her co-worker Karen--who knew where to still find Tab and were willing to walk over to the convenience store in the lobby three buildings down to get it. But when Amber discovered that Diet Coke with Lime was an acceptable--and more readily available--substitute, her disroyalty so offended Karen that she couldn't even look Amber in the eye as she charged past her cube with her pink can of Tab in hand.

Etymology: It's a play on disloyalty, but also incorporates the idea of "dissing" the royalty that branded products get.


metrohumanx Great word. Super usage, too. - metrohumanx, 2008-08-28: 03:33:00


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Created by: Rhyme79

Pronunciation: dis-coff-err-ree

Sentence: Despite her vain attempt to conceal the starbucks cup in her hand, Muriel couldn't deny her discoffery when Kevin asked her why he hadn't seen her at his coffee shop. She had been discoffered.

Etymology: dis - (negative/reverse) + coffee + a play on 'discovery' = discoffery.

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Created by: readerwriter

Pronunciation: em-bear-ees-ta-ment

Sentence: It was a beastly hot day in Georgia and the place was Java Sun, a combination expresso shop and tanning parlor. Sootie thought she could get away it. Instead of her usual, she had ordered a decaf frozen mocha (with whipped cream) from the new barista while Josh was on his break at the gun shop next door. She and Josh had a serious thing about three shots going. It was bad timing when Josh arrived before she had finished the delightful new concoction. She panicked when she realized she didn't have time to slip into one of the beds down the hall. Her heart began skipping more beats than usual as she saw Josh sniffing. She knew it was over as he approached her, downing the last dregs, and sidling towards the trash can. She could have died of embaristament.

Etymology: A play on embarrassment, using barista, one who works behind a bar and serves

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