Verboticism: Jorkers

'Wait! Can't you guys read? That's a stop sign!'

DEFINITION: A group of runners that moves as a single entity, ignoring traffic signals and pedestrians alike.

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Created by: HawthorneWingo




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Created by: duefiori


Sentence: As I was driving through the city i was delayed by a runpede passing by.

Etymology: run + stampede

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Created by: harveyjones

Pronunciation: jog-gur-nots

Sentence: I narrowly missed these cursed JOGGERNAUTS yesterday

Etymology: Jog: To move by shoving, bumping, or jerking. Jugernaut: Something, such as a belief or institution, that elicits blind and destructive devotion or to which people are ruthlessly sacrificed. (American Heritage Dictionary)

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Created by: graypenguin

Pronunciation: jah-ger-hogs

Sentence: Those darn joggerhogs think they own the road!


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Created by: Poeiden

Pronunciation: om-ni-ton

Sentence: "Oh no! There goes the omnithon once again, breaking all the traffic rules as if they owned the road."

Etymology: OMNIpotent +maraTHON

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Created by: joelb

Pronunciation: DASH-holes

Sentence: I missed the light because those dasholes couldn't stop for ten seconds!

Etymology: dash + assholes

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Created by: savta

Pronunciation: ruh - nuh - gram

Sentence: Pedestrians and drivers alike took evasive action as the runagram hurtled towards them.

Etymology: English run; Latin ag- field or open space; English ram (as in battering ram)

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Created by: jabbermarky

Pronunciation: jah-gul

Sentence: I narrowly missed the green light as the joggle ran in front of me.

Etymology: from jog and gaggle.

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Created by: kakashi13

Pronunciation: Cra per na per

Sentence: I didn't know Jo was a crappernapper!

Etymology: A person who takes a nap while on the toilet.

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Created by: kundalinikat

Pronunciation: fay-lohp

Sentence: Fearlessly, the phalope thundered up the onramp and into traffic; the marathon would not end.

Etymology: Phalanx + lope = phalope.

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