Verboticism: Remadonna

'Do I look okay?'

DEFINITION: To require constant reassurance, praise, and -- in emergency situations -- flattery, despite obvious qualifications and/or expertise.

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Created by: jadenguy

Pronunciation: ree ma don na

Sentence: She'd remadonna every day between, "I'm too good for him," and, "Why is he with me? He could do so much better!" He knew that’s exactly where she was at, and exactly what he needed. Casual flirts and disinterested sighs kept her interested. He didn’t like it, but she’d find a really abusive relationship elsewhere.

Etymology: re- + prima donna

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Comments: Remadonna

Jabberwocky - 2007-07-13: 14:09:00
jaden - you take such care writing your sentences each day - why don't you try to turn it into one long story by incorporating them day to day

jadenguy - 2007-07-13: 15:26:00
that's a great idea. i've never really been complimented on my writing outside of like highschool, but i thought everybody there was just illiterate and i was only good in contrast.

jadenguy - 2007-07-13: 15:44:00
oh my gosh, i might be a esteemyeahter!