Verboticism: Carvana

'Don't worry. I'm not asleep. I'm meditating.'

DEFINITION: n. A state of heightened, subconscious awareness that allows drivers to "safely" navigate and control a vehicle without watching the road. v. To drive without bothering to watch where you are going.

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Created by: Discoveria

Pronunciation: Kar-varh-na

Sentence: After 15 years of solid driving experience, Betty had finally reached carvana - the awareness that her car and the traffic are ONE... and everything else is maya, illusion...

Etymology: Car + nirvana. Nirvana: the highest spiritual plane according to Buddhism. (Maya, btw, is the Hare Krishna (Hindu sect) word for illusion.)

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Comments: Carvana

wordmeister - 2007-03-13: 15:35:00
Everything else is illusion? Sounds like carvananity...

Discoveria - 2007-03-13: 18:03:00
I thought so too...though that's not why I eventually rejected further exploration...

erasmus - 2007-03-14: 05:23:00
I'm impressed with your Hindu and Buddist knowledge. like the word too.

jedijawa - 2007-03-14: 10:01:00
I like this one!

Discoveria - 2007-03-14: 11:48:00
erasmus - thanks. No-one would suspect that I had to google nirvana for a definition...;D