Verboticism: Lendanger

'I've been pre-approved for a new credit card?'

DEFINITION: v. To offer pre-approved credit, loans or sweepstake prizes in order to lock the some poor sucker into permanent usury. n. Junk mail, spam or telemarketing offers for pre-approved credit and loans.

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Created by: karenanne

Pronunciation: len DAYN jer

Sentence: Aiyo Yu keeps getting calls from PityBank (motto: "We Want to Help You Feel Forever In Our Debt") offering her the "opportunity" to roll her balances on other cards "free of charge" into the card she holds from this particular company. She also gets mailings from the same company inviting her to apply for various-sized loans that would pay off all her debts and give her "just one convenient monthly payment." These lendangering practices are helping a lot - helping PityBank, that is. She doesn't seem to realize that rolling all your outstanding debts into one payment is only helpful if you actually pay down the balance every month, and don't run up new balances. Most of her paycheck is a lendangered species at this point.

Etymology: endanger + lend

Points: 1982

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Nosila - 2010-09-07: 21:10:00
An all-too familiar tale, sadly!