Verboticism: Hairpinion

'Her hair is not!'

DEFINITION: v. To assess an individual's current mental state, or identify hidden personality traits, through careful analysis of their hairstyle. n. A method of psychoanalysis based hairdos and don'ts.

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Created by: mrskellyscl

Pronunciation: hair-pin-yun

Sentence: It was everyone's hairpinion that Martha's constant hairstyle changes reflected her moods. If she was having a good day her hair looked well groomed, but if she had a fight with her boyfriend she looked pretty ratty.

Etymology: hair + hairpin: a little metal thing which is used to keep hair out of one's face + opinion: a conclusion that was based on belief instead of concrete facts.

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Comments: Hairpinion

jrogan - 2009-07-30: 09:06:00
A neat and stylish word. I bet your hair looks good today!