Verboticism: Mamamiasma

'Omigod! He's... He's... Beautiful!'

DEFINITION: n. The emotional connection between a mother and her child, which continues on through life despite all the protestations. v. To be loved by your mother and even though you complain about it a lot.

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Created by: readerwriter

Pronunciation: mah-mah-mee-az-mah

Sentence: Prince Hammie Boy was so obsessed with and conflicted by his mother's marriage to his father's brother, he created a mamamiasma in the castle and left quite a few dead, giving truth to the expression "something is rotten in Denmark." Those involved in the clean-up soon suffered from mamamiasthma.

Etymology: Blending Mama Mia (title of musical/Italian for "my mama") + miasma (putrid air)

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Comments: Mamamiasma

readerwriter - 2009-05-08: 09:33:00
Oooops, forgot about Mother's Day! I love my Mommy...

Jabberwocky - 2009-05-08: 13:16:00
terrific blend

splendiction - 2009-05-08: 23:12:00
Like your use of Hamlet's tragic error! Excellent words - mamamiasma and mamamiasthma!