Verboticism: Dumbgratulate

'Come on! You must be pregnant...'

DEFINITION: v., To enthusiastically congratulate a woman on her pending motherhood, only to be told that you are mistaken. n., The dashed expectations and pregnant silence that follows mistaken congratulations.

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Created by: lumina

Pronunciation: dum/grach/u/late

Sentence: While high school reunions tend to be alot of "Oh my God, did you see how bad so and so looks?" Blaire's was even a bit worse than that. Sure she had put on a "couple" of extra pounds since she was voted Hottest Cheerleader," but to be dumbgratulated all night long on her pregnancy was just plain wrong.

Etymology: mix of dumb and congratulate.

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Comments: Dumbgratulate

Nosila - 2008-11-04: 22:17:00
Dumbfounded...isn't it at what some people say to you!