Verboticism: Steponme

'I wish this dress didn't make me look so fat...'

DEFINITION: v. To seek compliments and/or support by insulting oneself or by complaining about the difficulty of one's life. n. A person who uses self-deprecation as flattery bait.

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Created by: idavecook

Pronunciation: STEP ON ME

Sentence: Gawd, Tracy's steponmeness has really gotten out of control. I heard she is going to be on the new reality show, "Kick Me When I am Down"

Etymology: I would have just used "mygirlfriend" but I thought I'd be a little more creative

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Comments: Steponme

silveryaspen - 2008-02-27: 17:53:00
A steponme wanting everyone to step in and step her up! Outsteppingly done! This has a real kick to it!

Tigger - 2008-02-27: 22:24:00
Great etymology — kinda' says it all.