Verboticism: Proptistic

'Guess what I'm giving you for your birthday?'

DEFINITION: v. To wear special uniforms and carry around unusual props in order to stimulate social interaction. n. A person who compensates for their lack of personality and weak social skills by resorting to props and costumes.

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Created by: wileycount

Pronunciation: /prÉ’p/(tiss)(-tik)

Sentence: Since he was young boy, Jerry couldn't let go of his novel nuggets of stuff, for his fear of words was only warded off by the presence of an obvious token of meaning. His teachers, however, were indisposed to pity the proptistic lad. Or: Of all developmental disorders, proptism has remained an unrecognized and untreated tormentor of the socially disabled.

Etymology: prop (a person or thing giving support, as of a moral or spiritual nature: [related to Middle Dutch proppe vine prop; compare Old High German pfropfo shoot, German Pfropfen stopper])+ suffix -tism. The suffix "-ism" implies a disease or defining attribute of a person or a thing. The additional "t" makes "proptism" cognate to "autism".

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