Verboticism: Deridle

'Our boss said I had to attend this meeting.'

DEFINITION: v. To arrive at a meeting completely unprepared and then work diligently and obviously to distract yourself from the proceedings. n. A person who attends a meeting but does not believe that they are paid enough to actually pay attention.

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Created by: Jamagra

Pronunciation: de/ryd/l

Sentence: Jennifer disliked Keith's superciliass attitude and his attempts to deridle all of the meetings she led.

Etymology: deride (to laugh at in contempt) + idle (doing no work)

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Comments: Deridle

stache - 2008-03-24: 16:50:00
As the closest entry yet to the verb form of the definition (and a good word in its own right) yours snagged my vote.

Jamagra - 2008-03-24: 17:23:00
Thanks, stache!

silveryaspen - 2008-03-24: 21:13:00
Superciliass is as powerful a verboticism as deridle! Potent creations!