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'What bump? I don't see a bump.'

DEFINITION: n., The withering glare one casts down on a non-existent trip-hazard after stumbling for no apparent reason. v. tr., To fixate on an imaginary object, or person, in order to externalize the blame for one's own shortcomings.

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Top verboticism of the day created by kabloozie

Pronunciation: OOP ser sats

Sentence: After tripping over his feet and causing his seventh turnover during the basketball tournament, Bob glared at the painted lines on the basketball court - another oopsersatz for him to blame his lousy ball handing on.

Etymology: oops + ersatz (phony or fake)

Created by: kabloozie.

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Witherump: /wee-thur-ump/ Whenever David tripped up he would witherump the ground, aiming to blame a non existant trip hazard Etymology: Wither - to stare at with hate. Hump - small bump Created by: CrayonWarrior.

Tripliprevarication: /trip-le-pree-veri-cay-shun/ After falling three times in a row, he had to do some serious tripliprevarication. Etymology: trip + prevaricate + triplication Created by: porsche.

Assayovertincups: /ah-SAY-over-tin-cups/ It was a well-known fact that Tom was a clutz. He tried to hide the fact for a few months by performing a careful assayovertincups, but after stumbling over just about every crack between the tiles in the office floor, he gave up the blooperuse. Etymology: ass-over-tin-cups, assay Created by: purpleartichokes.


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Today's definition was suggested by c1mcgraw. Thank you c1mcgraw ~ James

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Today's definition was suggested by c1mcgraw. Thank you c1mcgraw. ~ James

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