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'I didn't get an MBA for nothing.'

DEFINITION: n. The art of sneaking to the office kitchen without having to take orders from your colleagues for coffee, or tea, or anything... v. To sneak in and out of the office kitchen without getting caught.

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Created by: coachnomad23

Pronunciation: Brown-jing

Sentence: After having finished the stack of invoices on his desk, Jack crept quietly so no one would catch him brounging in the workroom


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Created by: pinwheel

Pronunciation: wun/cup/man/ship

Sentence: Julie looked at her colleagues and decided to indulge in a spot of onecupmanship before being deluged with orders.

Etymology: oneupmanship + cup

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Created by: lumina

Pronunciation: nin ja tate

Sentence: Doreen was getting really good at getting in and out of the office kitchen with nothing but her own coffee and donut. It took a bit of practice, but she finally became very good at ninjatating to the kitchen and back before anyone noticed she was gone.

Etymology: Ninja-silent killers/attackers gravitate-slowly getting to said destination

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: drink slink (boring, I know)

Sentence: her drinkslink while effective was costing her a fortune in replacing tights. She was going to have to invest in kneepads or a flask!

Etymology: drink slink ( I know, I know)


I love rhyming verbotomies - Alchemist, 2007-03-31: 06:36:00


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Created by: purpleartichokes

Pronunciation: ghost-way-tur

Sentence: Bob was a consummate ghostwaiter, able to slink by coworkers unnoticed, while I was the office hostess, always seen returning from the kitchen area with at least 3 cups of coffee and 2 vending machine items.

Etymology: a spin on ghost writer

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Created by: jedijawa

Pronunciation: coff-ee-prowl

Sentence: Jennifer was skilled at the coffeeprowl and could make it to the breakroom without encountering any of her mooching co-workers.

Etymology: prowl (sneak) + coffee (as in to get some)

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Created by: Stevenson0

Pronunciation: go/fah/coff/ee

Sentence: 'Time to gofahcoffy' she said to herself. This was one of the few times this week she would try to invisibly gumshoe her way to the staff room to enjoy a cup of tea by herself and wallow in the solitude and calmness of the vacated kitchen. Goinfahcoffy was a huge challenge and risk, but if she got by her twenty-two co-workers, the tea and the time alone would help her overcome her protaskination and comtemplate the highly emotional marrage she encountered earlier in the week.

Etymology: go + for + coffee-Related to the ancient and timely Canadian art of sneaking off from work to be on your own, known as 'goingfahcoffy', or 'Tim'sing it up'. Also referenced in respect to unsolicited and irrelevant comments, such as a protoclash.


I often feel like telling my co-workers to gofahcoffy - Jabberwocky, 2007-03-30: 09:25:00

ha ha - just got it - I'll definitely use this one - porsche, 2007-03-30: 11:04:00

Lovin' the pun. Reckon it isn't a strictly Canadian practice. - Bulletchewer, 2007-03-30: 12:56:00


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Created by: ekath

Pronunciation: under-re-coffee-since

Sentence: Because of Maureens's skilled underecoffeessance, she was offered the office corporal sergeant award at the dundies last year.

Etymology: from undercover + reconnaissance + coffee


i'm sorry i couldn't help it. the office if my favorite show! - ekath, 2007-03-30: 22:56:00


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Created by: Alchemist

Pronunciation: nin-JAH-vah

Sentence: Every day, Bret would miraculously appear several times with freshly brewed coffee in his mug, while his colleagues went dry. He was a true master of the art of ninjava.

Etymology: ninja, java (slang for coffee)


Curse you for being an earlier bird than I! - ErWenn, 2007-03-30: 08:39:00 must rise early to learn the art of verbotoninja...:-) - Alchemist, 2007-03-30: 09:38:00

love it!! - Jabberwocky, 2007-03-30: 09:54:00


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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: kit-chen-nin-jit-soo

Sentence: She arrived back at her desk with her coffee and they were none the wiser...another successful piece of kitcheninjitsu

Etymology: kitchen, ninjitsu


I like! - allwise, 2007-03-30: 02:36:00

so is kitcheninjitsu like really fast? - ajcor, 2007-03-30: 21:25:00


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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2007-03-30: 01:31:00
Today's definition was suggested by erasmus.
Thank you erasmus! ~ James

Bulletchewer - 2007-03-30: 04:24:00

Bulletchewer - 2007-03-30: 04:30:00
Oops- wrong button. Sorry for the shameless advertising! Better get myself some coffee!

metrohumanx metrohumanx - 2008-06-15: 11:30:00
I LIKE EATRAIDER ! The double meaning is very funny... Metrohumanx

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-10-16: 03:11:00
Today's definition was suggested by erasmus. Thank you erasmus. ~ James