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'Did you really spend all our rent money on those shoes?'

DEFINITION: v. To compulsively shop for and buy shoes that are stylish, sexy and extremely uncomfortable. n. A person who has an uncontrolled, psychological dependency on impractical shoes.

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Created by: wordmeister

Pronunciation: shoo-hoh

Sentence: It started innocently enough at her high school prom, when Melissa's mother loaned her a pair of pink pumps. Two inches may not seem like much, but the height was exhilarating, and immediately addictive. Before too long she couldn’t even go to the beach without wearing platform sandals. And then she jumped up to hardcore. Now she’s a total shoehoh, wobbling around the shopping mall in six-inch stilettos, begging for her next fix.

Etymology: shoe + ho (whore)


I wonder if she can even shoewhoren in to those old pumps. - Jabberwocky, 2008-06-02: 13:17:00

I've done a bit of shoewhoren myself, and it is a bit tricky when you've got six inchers on... - wordmeister, 2008-06-02: 13:57:00


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Created by: scrabbelicious

Pronunciation: |hɑːd| |ʃɛl|

Sentence: Julie was a tough nut for the craic. She needed to be tough on account of her choice of footwear. The only thing tougher than Julie was Julie's feet, bulletproof they where. Very hardshell feet and a weakness for Gucci shoes or any strapless 6" heel, that's our Julie.

Etymology: Loose association of Hard sell and hard shell...which only makes sense to me, and in the context outlined above.

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Created by: rikboyee

Pronunciation: shoo-per-holl-ik

Sentence: a quick glance in her closet was enough to confirm that she was a hopeless shoepperholic

Etymology: shoe, shopperholic

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Created by: Tigger

Pronunciation: /pra-duh-DIK-shun/

Sentence: In order to combat her Pradaddiction, Carrie was sent to a rehab center where the patients were only allowed to wear Crocs, those cheap, ugly, plastic shoes. Luckily for her, after a few days, her co-dependant shopping buddies came up with a plan. They borrowed a utility van, smuggled her out of the rehab center and brought her straight to the mall downtown. 'No woman could ask for better friends,' thought Carrie, as rifled through her credit cards to find one that wasn't maxed-out.

Etymology: Prada - a well-known Italian fashion company; designer of clothing and shoes, commonly mentioned in S&TC (originally "Prada Brothers", founded in 1913 by Mario Prada in Milan) + Addiction - complusive need characterized by obsessive behavior (from Latin, addictus "assigned, surrendered")


BTW, I'm not in the 'fashion police' but I think those Crocs shoes are just about ugly enough to be banned in public... (check out: - Tigger, 2008-06-02: 03:27:00

I agree...they make everyone's fett look twice their size, in juicy colours! - Nosila, 2008-06-02: 23:28:00


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Created by: DerienRenee

Pronunciation: (Ped-er-lauht-er)


Etymology: Ped- Foot Lat- To be devoted to Er- Love

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Created by: 818466

Pronunciation: ped-troph-e

Sentence: The sales women was looking around the store for a helpless person in need and laid eyes on a man that seemed in need of help, when she went to grab the shoes f his choice and returned she realized that he had pedtrophey and ruined her day.

Etymology: ped- feet. troph- to nourish

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Created by: Nosila

Pronunciation: mok a sin ner

Sentence: Shoesan was a macassiner of the first order. No matter what else she needed, she indulged her addiction to shoes, all kinds. She put the "oaf" in loafer; the "heel" in heels;the "flop" in flipflops;the "sneak" in sneaker;the "scandal" in sandal and the "oo" in Jimmy Choo's. Unlike her 5,000 pairs of shoes,she was a vamp, she'd pump her hubby for shoe money and she had no sole.

Etymology: Mocassin (soft leather shoe; originally worn by native Americans)& Sinner (someone who is bad, commit sins without repenting)

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Created by: Mustang

Pronunciation: eh-MEL-dah-ranjd

Sentence: Juanita was absolutely imeldaranged, caught up in a compulsion to buy any and every pair of shoes or other footwear that caught her eye.

Etymology: Blend of 'Imelda' (well known shoe nut Imelda Marcos) and deranged (mentally disturbed)

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Created by: rebelvin

Pronunciation: EXORbitANCE+BOOT

Sentence: Her exorbootance is killing our budget, but they are always happy to see her at the shoe store.

Etymology: EXORbitANCE+BOOT. exorbitance: n. 1. Excessiveness, as of price or amount. 2. Behavior or an action that exceeds what is right or proper.


Very amusing. I bet she lUggs her boots around with her, wherever she goes. - Tigger, 2008-06-03: 00:27:00


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Created by: xMelody

Pronunciation: hor

Sentence: 1. The dozy bitch spent all her money on stupid and impractical shoes again; what a whore! 2. Guess those starving, AIDS-ridden African children will just have to die; and to think of the huge difference the money spent on those stupid f***ing shoes could've made to their lives - only a WHORE would do such a thing.

Etymology: whore, 'nuff said. Synonyms see: skank, hooker, harlot, fucking retarded bitch who never learned the value of money, etc.


I just have so much...rage. - xMelody, 2009-07-20: 15:44:00

artr Easy on the attitude. This is just a fun little word game. Not much melody in your sentence. - artr, 2009-07-21: 13:30:00

Just kiddin', brah. - xMelody, 2009-07-22: 16:09:00


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